Friday, May 22, 2015

Colour Blocking Workshop

I took a break from my series project to teach this morning and thought you might be interested in seeing some of what my students had created.
The workshop, which I call Colour Blocking, is working with thickened dyes through an open silk screen. This allows you to mix colours right onto the screen and create wonderfully rich combinations of values and open or closed areas. The fabric that is made is perfect for piecing, for applique or the addition of other surface design techniques.

 Here you can see the blue and green laid down onto the fabric and mixing as the scraper is pulled across the surface of the screen. By rotating the screen horizontal or vertical designs will appear.

 Sarah is so excited her hands are a blur! She likes the blue and magenta colour scheme.

 Joan has the complementary colours to her shirt and has almost finished her piece of fabric.

Its possible to mask off areas of the fabric with freezer paper cutouts or to put soy wax on the screen to act as a type of mask. Many possibilities....
Are you interested in learning more? My online class will begin June 25th and registration will begin June 11th. Further information can be found:

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