Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#3 in the Series and Self Critique

I've finished the top to #3 in the series and this one took me far, far longer than I had anticipated. I think there were two factors involved. First, I was working with a much more controlled palette of fabrics, a total of 6 or 7. Secondly, someone had suggested a few more vertical, thin lines. Don't get me wrong, I'm not easily swayed, but I did see the merit of trying out that idea. So, a bit more planning was involved!

So here it is, as a vertical piece (on the left) and rotated 180 degrees.

What works here:
  • the tighter palette was a lot more fun to use, because I had a limited choice.
  • the dark strips really stand out-strong contrast
  • I actually prefer the one on the right, perhaps because its not as bottom heavy.
Problems I see:
  • the dark strips are too evenly spaced, doesn't create any tension/focal point
  •  no place for the eye to rest, rather jumpy
So, as before, I turned the piece 90 degrees, so it has a horizontal orientation. What a difference!

 To me, all of a sudden its much more painterly.... and a much better composition? I prefer the one on the top. It seems to have hints of a landscape that I find quite appealing. Plus the vertical bits seem rather tree-like. I might go back and either trim a bit off the bottom, or add another darker strip in the lower right hand corner to pull the eye down a bit.
I want you to know that I really do appreciate your comments and have found them very helpful. So lets it from you about this one?


Vicki W said...

I really appreciate that you are sharing your critique process. I'm learning a lot!

Eileen Gidman said...

With the vertical ones, I like the one on the right as I see the smaller piece on the bottom as something to anchor the larger piece that is on the top.
I agree with your self evaluation of the pieces. The black does help your eye move through the piece. Giving your eye something to slow down and look at for a bit might be something to consider.

Rayna said...

Yes, the top horizontal is the one! Actually, while most of the time a vertical has more energy, these in the horizontal are the energetic ones. So interesting how changing the orientation makes a difference!