Monday, December 1, 2008

Stamping Monday

It's Monday again and I'm ready with a new stamp idea for you. This time you may even have the supplies in your home....just look in the kids' room!

I bought a huge container of these foam shapes at my local Michaels store and everytime I go back there I can find more containers of different shapes. Right now they're big time into Christmas shapes, so check those out. I've shared lots with friends and that one container still has lots in it!

There are also the sheets of foam that you can cut up into whatever shapes you decide. Look for the sheets and shapes that have the paper on the back that comes off to reveal a sticky backing. The stick on those is strong, my stamps have stood up to repeated washing and scrubbing and I've not lost any shapes.

I stick the shapes onto small blocks of wood that my DH has cut and sanded for me. You can also use pieces of foam core, plexiglass or anything else that will give a flat surface and stand up to a bit of abuse>


Judy Sall said...

I was first introduced to using sticky back foam for stamping a little over a year ago. I love it because it is so easy to use! Mine are mounted on plexiglass so I can see through it to position my stamps where I want them. Great, inexpensive way to add to the stamp collection!


Beth M said...

I forget where I first heard of using the fun foam for making stamps. I decided to try it out when I wanted a checkerboard stamp.
The first link shows some fabric I made with foam stamps and monoprinting, the second link shows some of the stamps I made. I just adhered the foam to foam meat trays that I cut to size (washed them first)

Katy S said...

This is such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing it. Hope we still have some of those around here somewhere....Have a great day! Katy S

Delta said...

I love using the foam stamps and sheets! Some of the thinner ones need 2 layers of foam, but even that isn't a problem. It cuts easily with scissors or an exacto knife. My only boo-boo was forgetting that letters had to be reversed...of course that was AFTER I'd bought a whole tub of the stick on ones. I've cut some very small, detailed stamps and some big chunky ones. They all work fine. I also tend to stick them on the backside of commercial chunky foam stamps so I don't have so many individual ones to keep up with.

Judy said...

I've used the little stickies and cut shapes from the larger pieces for a while now. Students love 'em as well. I use little jewelry boxes, both lids and bottoms, to stick the stickies to. Then I draw or write inside what the shape of the stamp is and indicate which way is "up".

Great fun!

with cheer, Judy

Judy Alexander said...

Great idea. I will have to raid some of my granddaughers foam shapes and give this a try!