Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stamping Monday

I'm back again with another stamping idea. This one may be familiar to many of you but it's so much fun and easy to do that I'm sure you wouldn't mind a little review!
You will need an image that has texture, it could be a stamp, string, leaves, nuts, peas or almost anything. I'm using the little blue foam print blocks that you can get at most art supply stores for under $1.00.
Place the foam block near to (but not ON) a heat source. I use my iron and hold it there for about 10-15 seconds. Then I quickly press the block onto my textured surface and press down for another 15 seconds. That's it, the image is ready for stamping! The image on the blocks can be removed by holding near the heat again and letting the block reform. Images can be erased and replaced almost immediatley. Just remember to clean the block before placing near the heat each time.
In a couple pictures I've made a reverse image in the foam from a stamp and played with layering the image in different colours. I think there's lots of possibilities for creating unique designs on my fabrics!


KarenF said...

I bought some of those a couple of years ago and still haven't played with may be a good time!

Connie Rose said...

We don't have those things locally (much is not available where I live) so I might try something else to do the same thing.

Re: last week's idea, I bought some of the gasket material, but find it is quite difficult to cut with speedball tools. Do you have any other ideas for that?

Thus far, the stuff I like best for cutting stamps, is Mastercarve by Staedtler. But it's pricey.

Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

Carol Dean said...

Those blocks are sooo wonderful. I once used a raku button to create a stamp to use on a fabric cuff that I then closed with that same button. Fantastic! :D