Monday, December 15, 2008

Stamping Monday

Once in a while I find missing bits of veggie at the back of my fridge a little the worse for wear. Often they can be turned into delicious bits of soup but sometimes they make it to my art room instead! This time I used a section of cabbage, cut right through the core. It has some fascinating texture with the multiple layers of leaves all crushed together. I think a Savoy Cabbage would be amazing. Mushrooms and peppers are great too. I find there are never two peppers alike. I think there would be a number of fascinating vegetables that one could use....think of the possibilities!
Here are some points to consider:
-cut the vegetables a couple of hours before they are needed. This gives them a little time to dry off, the ink or paint will adhere better.
-never use the vegetables for eating afterwards, but I do put them into the compost pail once I've finished.
-the more firmer vegetables are better for stamping but don't forget their stems and leaves as well.
-make a few prints on paper to keep as a record. Try white paint on black paper or fabric, very dramatic! I'm planning on stamping with discharge paste next week to see how that might work.

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Rayna said...

Ha! My veggies would have to be a LOT worse for wear before they escape the soup pot. But what fun!

judyinthedyes said...

Artichokes are great........and I've recently stamped the tops of beets (where the greens begin) using their own natural red dyes - very nice!
Thanks Susan, I'm enjoying your Monday series.


sonja said...

i love stamping with cirtrus halves or wedgies and when paint is far away using food coloring. once i painted music programs for xmas recital with them making glorious pointsettias on the covers! Sonja

Judi said...

Great idea.
Please sign me up for your newsletter.

Lois Jarvis said...

Dear Susan,
I am loving your Stamping Mondays!!! They are inspiring!!!
Later, Lois

Robbie Payne said...

The caggabe print is SO cool! Now I know what I'm going to play with next! I enjoy your blog and return often! Thanks for great ideas and sharing! Please put me on your email for stamping info! Thanks ever so much!