Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stamping Monday

Welcome back, you know what day it is! This time I pulled out some plastic foam that comes wrapped around books and cd's that I get by mail order. You're proably quite familiar with it and put it in the recycling, right? Now you can trace on it with a Sharpie marker and cut it out easily with scissors!

I use that wonderful double sided carpet tape on a piece of wood about the same size. Make certain that you cover the entire piece of wood with the tape. Place the foam shape on the tape and its stuck there forever!
Roll some paint onto a flat piece of plastic or a plastic page protector to get an even, thin film of paint on your brayer and brayer it onto the stamp. Then stamp away!

I like the textured surface of the plastic foam, it adds a lovely quality to the paint on the fabric surface, not a flat image but one with some dimension and depth. Below is the stamp on some painted and batiked silk I've done.

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Judy Momenzadeh said...

Well Susan, you did it again. What a brilliant idea. It's so ceative, yet so simple. Thank you for sharing!

Judy Momenzadeh <><

tiedyejudy said...

Hi, Susan. I sent an e-mail awhile back to add me to your mailing list, but so far, haven't received your newsletter. Can you re-add me please?


Judy Sall

Anonymous said...

Susan, your stamping ideas are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I'm inspired to go off in a whole new direction making my own fabric designs.

Susan Lane

susan said...

I love the ideas you come up with! I love the way you use things that we have marked for the recycle bin! Now, to put them into practice. Does the type of paint matter? For example, what would you use for fabric?

Keep up the good work!
Susan I

maggi said...

What a great idea. I could never throw this stuff away in the hope that some day it might prove useful - now I know how!

kathy york said...

Ahh! You caught me just in time, I was just about to throw a big hunk of that stuff away. Now, I know what I'll save it for and just maybe, I will have time to play with it over the holidays!
Love your designs,

Kathy York
Austin, TX

sonja said...

hi Susan, and its bigger than any potato stamp i could make! i just love it when one comes up with an idea by not going shopping but looking around with a creative eye at what is already here...and not in the landfill! that is a happy dance momment in my book! Sonja