Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some Friends at Market

I spent part of the day visiting some friends from previous Markets and making new friends. Its always interesting to compare experiences in this business and discuss trends, ideas and generally uplift and inspire each other.
My first stop was to my Facebook friend, Helen Stubbings of from Australia.

Helen designs patterns that feature words and hand stitching. She has also written a book titled Faux Applique from AQS.

Next I met with a friend from my part of the country, Barbara Cherniwchan of Coach House Designs Barbara's patterns feature pieced and appliqued designs and make lovely projects for any quilter. She's here with her friend Marci.

Then I saw Leslie and Susan from Delta, BC and Leslie designs wonderful clothing and accessory patterns. Last year they had a cloth diaper pattern that was so cute and super easy to make. I made a couple dozen for my grandson, and they are great.

I also met some Canadians who were vending at Market for the first time. Their patterns are an eclectic mix of scrap and folded patchwork, very inspiring and great for every season of the year. I'm sure they will do very well.

I also spent time walking the show floor and seeing great new fabrics, new designers and notions. While I didn't see any one item that grabbed me and swung me around dancing, I was truly amazed at the large number of young (under 35) pattern and fabric designers with fresh, bright and fun designs that were a refreshing treat. I have great hopes for the future of the industry if they were any indication of what we can look forward to!
More tomorrow!


Jackie said...

Thanks so much for sharing market, from a Canadian perspective! Love the pics.

Jackie said...

I keep meaning to tell you, last year you came home from the CQA NJS and said on your blog that the Wearable category was the one to enter. Well, I took that advice to heart and sewed up a wearable art jacket... and it got into the NJS 2011! So thank you.

Susan Purney Mark said...


That is great news, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!