Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Work

I've just mailed this quilt off to the Surface Design Association for their members show. I'm quite excited as I don't enter many shows but have resolved to do more this year. I'm not looking to win anything but I think the habit of producing work for shows will be a good experience.

Its called Window #1, hopefully part of a series, and is 18" square. I created the fabric with deconstructed screen printing and dyed fabric inserts. It is handquilted.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sandy's Stamps

Yesterday I asked for anyone to send pictures of their stamps and I got a lovely email from Sandy Snowden in Bracknell, UK.
Sandy tells me: Here are some stamps I made from rubbers (the British term for erasers). I used different types; all of them are double sides, so 2 photos. Also in the photos is evidence of how we were taught to design them.
Which is:Trace round the rubber on tracing paper. Then draw the design with pencil.
Turn it over and burnish the design onto the rubber, and then carve using lino cutting tools. At the bottom right are 2 small stamps I made when I wanted cuneiform writing on a piece

Then check out: (centre near the top of the piece.) She has a great blog to look through!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stamping Monday

Well, Stamping Monday has turned into Stamping Tuesday this week! I was out of town until last night, but I've got a great one for you...
Run over to your local dollar store for a package of cheap erasers, get the white ones, rather than the coloured....they are softer and easier to carve. I like to have three together and make my carved design all one. But the neat part is that as a single eraser or as a pair they are still pretty interesting

When carving, hold them firmly together but don't squeeze too tight or they'll pop apart. And remember that you can carve on the reverse side to create an entirely new design.
Once you are done, remember to clean your stamps before the paint has had a chance to dry. I use tepid water and a soft nylon brush that gets into all the little lines to clear the paint out. then I lay the stamps on a towel to dry. I store my stamps in clear plastic containers with lids. Don't put your carving tools in the smae container unless the blades are covered!
If anyone else has some stamps they've made, send me a picture and I'll post it on this blog! Remember to also send a picture of the stamped image. Send it to

Monday, February 16, 2009

Stamping Monday

Today I've used a great product from Dick Blick called Flexi-Cut Printing Plates. I love it because its thin ( 1/6" ) and can be cut very easily with an art knife or scissors. It is sticky backed so it can be mounted on a board for easy handling. Look for it here:

I began by drawing my design onto tracing paper with a soft pencil and then flipping the design onto the printing plate and rubbing across the back of the paper. The carbon from the pencil lines transfer quite easily and then its simple to cut out the shapes and mount them onto the board. I actually have two thicknesses of the printing plate, one just a solid shape and then the upper one is the cut out. This gives me a little more depth to the stamp.

Although I made a two part design I didn't like how the upper part turned out so I cut it off and was left with just the leaves.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Collage Mania

Did you notice the link to the left of my posts for Fiberart for a Cause? I committed to produce some collage pieces for auction in April. Surprise, suprise, they're almost finished and its not even really close to the deadline. Those who know me are surprised, right?
Here they are...check out all the information about the auction by clicking on the button! Bid high and bid often!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stamping Monday

Well, I made it just under the wire! Electricity was out here a couple of times yesterday and today. Then I was out all day teaching so have just come home and made a trip to the fridge. I know we stamped vegetables a while back but it wasn't until I was an adult and my daughter came home from pre-school with some art work that I learned apples have stars in them! You just have to cut them in half around the middle....

I began by folding pleats into some paper and trying the stamp with two different colours. That worked well and I moved on to fabric which has a little more 'bounce' than paper, so you can see how the pleats are placed. Iron them down well and pin if necessary. The pleats are little irregular which makes them more interesting. I think you could do the same if you have a pleating board for dressmaking.

Once I stamped with one colour I reversed the pleats in the opposite direction and ironed them in place (let the paint dry first). Then I stamped with another colour and let it dry before ironing it all out flat.

I discovered that there was one more area that I could place on top of the pleats so I pleated and stamped for a third time. Then a final heat setting with the iron and I'm done.

This might be quite stunning with black fabric or I could put the pleats in the other direction and create a plaid effect! MMMM....better run the the fridge quick!

Stamping Monday

Power failures here have meant that Stamping Monday will be delayed and, for this week, will be Stamping Tuesday! Please check back tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Year of the Ox

On Sunday I was teaching a silkscreen class at Satin Moon Quilt Shop here in Victoria. The shop is located in the heart of Chinatown and there was a parade to celebrate Chinese New Year. The dragon that led the parade visited all the businesses in the area to bring good luck. The stores hang lettuce and Good Luck money outside to encourage the dragon to linger a little while. He pulls the lettuce and money down and dances while the firecrackers explode during the beating of drums. There's lots of excitment and laughter and the children are given Chinese candies.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stamping Monday

Today I'd like to show you an easy and dramatic technique that you may have seen before but it bears repeating..... Look at garage sales or thrift stores or you might find some in behind your couch! Once you lose a couple of pieces from a jigsaw puzzle they're not much good, so turn it into a stamp and you'll probably have enough for dozens of stamps!>
Glue some pieces onto a backing; some cardboard, a piece of wood or foam core. Make some small ones, some bigger and some huge...any size will do.
Brayer some paint over the stamps and you're ready to go. Try metallics on dark fabrics...flashy! Or stamp black paint on a white background for a dramatic look. Fun and a great idea for these winter days.
Check back tomorrow and see a Dragon!