Saturday, September 24, 2022

Week 28 - not in the Studio

 We are half way around the world since my last blog post and we have crammed a lot in as well as enjoying some downtime! Plus a couple textile and related exhibits that we enjoyed!

Our first stop was York to get over some jet lag and enjoy a bit of the city - its a lovely place but very crowded in the older, historic part. We walked at lot, got a new SIM card and slept!

We had hoped to visit YorkMinster but it was closed for the mourning period. We were able to attend Evensong - a lovely service with a wonderful choir. The steps and lawns were full of floral tributes - I read some of the notes, they were so moving and heartfelt.

 I was able to meet one of my online students, Marion and had a great visit. She gave me some ideas for things to see which really helped a lot. The world shrinks a bit  when we can make connections.

I went to the York City Museum and was entranced by the art of Ingrid Weyland, her series of folded and manipulated images kept me engaged for a while. Check her out online:

There was also a small exhibit in the cafe, titled Sketch by Origin. Two of the artists used textiles and I’d encourage you to check out their websites:

We are now ending our six days in the Yorkshire Dales, lots of walking along the Pennine Way and other paths plus checking out some galleries nearby.

One place that really caught my interest was near Sedburgh in a restored textile mill, now call Fairfield Mill - a fabulous textile exhibit by a group called Zero3 Artists (check out their website) Several pieces grabbed me both for their colours used and the textures that the stitching provided!

The mill had been set up over several floors with historical displays, lots of items for purchase and several art studios which could be rented by artist who then would create and showcase their art. I do wish we had something similar - I think its a great way to support local artists.

We visited the Ribblehead Viaduct and walked around:

And drove around narrow country roads, expecting to see James Herriot at any moment.

Another day was spent at Salts Mill - a restored….you guessed it….textile mill! An incredible show case of David Hockney, who was a “Bradford boy”. The best past was on the upper floor titled A Year in Normandie….a 90 metre mural of the seasons changing during his time in France in 2021 (?) and all the drawings were created on his IPad and printed on large pieces of paper. The scale of his work is amazing..
 And heres a YouTube video:

I am so fortunate to see these art works and I hope you enjoy, it’s worth while to follow some of the links!

Monday, September 12, 2022

Week 27- In the Studio

This is a different sort of blogpost as I've downsized my studio and packed it all in a small Tupperware box! Actually just a few items in the box and the rest of the studio is still where I left it!

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the airport to start a 7 week holiday in the UK, Paris and Greece...oh my I'm so excited....

At the end of week 5, I'll start an art residency in Crete for two weeks so I've had to pack everything I need into a small certainly make me prioritize what I'll need!

Some paints, brushes, fabric, paper, thread and tools. It doesn't sound like a lot, right?

Here are some of the items - strange how so many items seem essential! Stay tuned, some arty blogposts coming!

Watercolour set....

Gel plate and open acrylics

Hand dyed fabrics and linen

I am sure I won't use everything but just in case...😆

Otherwise this past week, my studio turned into a shipyard. Preparing for my exhibition The Industrial Shoreline, I am creating a 3D installation with created freighters over shibori dyed ocean:

Here's the ocean at the ocean!

I saw a ship a'sailing...

This was the view from my studio this morning...the wildfires on the mainland have made the sky quite smoky.

Well, my bags are packed and I have to run...there's house coming down the street.....yes you read that right, and it's a whole different story....

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Week 26 - in the Studio

We've had a couple of scattered weeks in the last part of August - lots of family times with a trip to Manitoba and a lovely drive home. 

During our time in Winnipeg, our tour guide took us to a residential area where the garage doors and fences in the back alley are painted with a variety of Arctic animals. The artist is Kal Barteski, she describes herself as an urban artist, check out her great website at:

It was a beautiful time of year to travel and the changing landscape through the prairies and mountains was delightful. Even though we live with mountains and tall trees, it's wonderful to enjoy the wide expanse of sky!

I found a pile of old metal beside the railway track....had to bring some home, there might be some rust
ing fabric in the future!

We saw the worlds largest truck (formerly) in Sparwood, BC, its called a Titan with good reason! There's more information here: 
That's me in front of the wheel!

And then returning home, I hit the ground running to prepare for an art show over the past long weekend. I had most of the work already finished but one piece had bothered me for some time. It was "square-ish" at 45" x 50" and it seemed an awkward size.
So I took a photo and cut the image up, trying for at least three pieces. 

So the piece went from this:

Into this and this:

There's one more piece that I didn't get a chance to finish but that will be done in a bit. I am much happier with the results and realize that if I'm not happy with a piece then I have nothing to lose to try a new approach. 
Have you ever cut something up and did it work for you?

I also got some screen printing done today...

And some new things are brewing at the studio...I'll be "on the road" soon, so stay tuned to find out where my studio will be next week!