Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Textile Exhibition

The Victoria College Of Art - Textile Exhibition by Articulation

NARRATIVE ARTICULATIONS is a show of cross-Canada work by nine Canadian contemporary textile artists, all City and Guilds of London Institute trained. Each year the group, Articulation, goes to a special place in Canada to do a study together, then they return to their respective studios across Canada to produce a body of work based on the study. The next year they exhibit the work. Articulation has had two residencies at the Banff Center, Banff, Alberta. They are currently working on a body of work to be exhibited in the Whyte Museum, Banff, in September 2011.

Curated by Lesley Turner, the Victoria College of Art - Fine Art Textiles instructor, the free exhibition will fill the walls at the college with over 50 textile-based works. The artists will be in attendance during the opening reception, tours, demonstrations and workshops throughout the course of the show, which will run from August 27th to September 10th.

Opening reception will be held Friday, Aug 27th at 6:30 pm at the Victoria College of Art, at 1625 Bank Street.

On Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August and Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th September there will be artist-led tours at 1 pm and 3 pm and demonstrations/workshops from 2 to 3 pm.

All events are free.

For more information, email info@vca.ca or call the school at 250-598-5422.



Friday, August 27, 2010 at 6:30pm

1625 Bank Street, Victoria BC

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exhibition Photos

Last night was the opeing reception for Current Threads, the Vancouver Island Surface Design Association's first show. 15 artists exhibited their work, including embroiderers, quilters, weavers, wearable artists and more. It was my first art exhibtion and I was thrilled to be there and see so many people admiring our work. Fortunately the weather had cooled off and the venue was quite comfortable.
Here I am with friends Alison Kobylnyk, a quilter (http://www.alicrafts.com/), and Linda Wallace (http://www.americantapestryalliance.org/AP/ArtistBio/WallaceL.html), a tapestry weaver.

A view of the the Gallery, check it out at: http://www.ladysmithwaterfrontgallery.com/lwagblog/

and my smiling face with two of my pieces: 

An exciting day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Monday, August 2, 2010

More Exhibition Work

Time ran away with me and I'm back at the computer to update the rest of my Exhibition work. One aspect of my course in Art and Design was to make an Artist Study. A couple of months again I asked friends on the QuiltArt list for their recommendations and had so many options! Thanks everyone!
The object of the study wasn't to copy their work but rather to examine the artist's use of imagery, their colour palette and style. The artist could be our own choice but Gail recommended choosing someone who wasn't heavily stylized, or limited in their palette. So Pollock wasn't an option or William Morris.
I had thought that Dale Chihuly and his glass work might be a good choice but really couldn't determine how I would interpret 3 dimensional work at 2-D art. I'd like to study his work some other time as I think it could be quite inspiring.
I finally decided that Freiderich Hundertwasser was a great choice. Lots of colour, strong lines, a wide range of work and a variety of imagery. I made a small thumbnails of parts of his art that spoke to me. I looked at the colours in his palette (nothing wimpy about his choices!) and created a sketch book.

From that book I worked on two larger pieces. The first one had a painted ground in softer colours and then collage of windows and doors in the blues. The green circles formed trees. If you look for his painting entitled Loewengasse-the Third Skin you might see how I was inspired.

The second piece was so much fun, I really enjoyed working on the entire process. Hundertwasser used spirals in much of his work, they were a very important image in so many of his painting and its common to see them scattered thoughout in many shapes and forms. The spiral was my inspiration for this piece of painted and collaged papers. I am simply itching to create it in fabric and masses of stitch! If you'd like to see more of Hundertwasser's work, check out this website: http://www.hundertwasser.at/index_en.php

So what did I learn from this artist study?  .....so much about looking and observation, taking elements of their work and determining their palette, making colour studies of a few paintings. Learning about their life, what inspired them to create, their impact on the art world and much more. I'll continue to do artist studies on my own, I think it helps my work and stretches me to work better. I've chosen Klimt as my next one....
Comments and thoughts?