Thursday, October 27, 2011

Image Transfer

I made a sample for the Imagery class I am teaching at Quilters Dream in Edmonton next March. I used transparency transfer with 3M Transparency film and gel medium, also used some TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) and lines from a poem.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Font and Fabric

I taught a day long class on creating design with lettering. We used a variety of different techniques including stencils, image transfer, foiling and markers.
Students began by using every marker I brought to test the colours, the brush strokes, and how they laid on the fabric. they discovered that each marker acted a little differently and they preferred some over others.

Paulette used stencils to create negative images. Don`t forget that there is both a positive and a negative image when you are cutting out stencils.

Laine added details to her letter with a contrasting colour in acrylic inks.

Carol got inspiration from a calligraphy book she brought to class.

Ruth played with repetition to create interesting design.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Accent on Angles-More Quilts

I`m adding more images of quilts from my book Accent on Angles-Easy Strip Set quilts. These quilts all feature my Shattered Angles technique - lots of fun and a great way to add details such as a border around a pre-printed panel:

Making Waves uses the same Shattered Angles technique but this time with curved strip piecing, half square triangles and raw edge applique. Lots to learn with this quilt!
More ideas to come another day. In the meantime, you can order the book at Remember to ask for an autograph!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Design Ideas

I spent the day in Old Montreal last weekend and looked around at the buildings for some design inspiration. Here`s some photos I took:

I think some of the cutouts could be good Give and Take Applique Designs.

Curves and swags are perfect quilting designs.

These carvings are great designs for applique in the setting triangles in a quilt with on point blocks.

My favourite: an Art Deco design with ferns and a centred rosette. What ideas can you come up withÉ

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dragon Bones and Fish Fingers

I developed this technique after cutting through some blocks by accident! Have you ever had that happen? I didn't clear my cutting table properly and the blocks were tucked under some other fabric....big oooppps! So remember the adage about making "lemonade"?  I joined the blocks back together with a contrast strip and thought the style worked quite well.
So I'm teaching Dragon Bones at the Creativ Festival in Toronto, in Saskatoon next month and at Quilt Canada in Halifax, NS. I've made  lots of samples, because there are SO many different designs you can do with this technique and I've got ideas for many, many more quilts!
Now I need some help naming the quilt, put your thinking caps on and help me with this. My husband will pick the one he likes best. Leave the name in the Comments section or on my Facebook.

Now if you are wondering how to make the blocks there's a couple of cool projects in my Accent on Angles book available here.