Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Make It Now! Simple Fabric Journals...

I had recently posted a couple pictures of my Fabric Journals on Facebook and Instagram and had so many enthusiastic responses that I thought you might like a brief tutorial....they are easy to make and can be make with scraps, leftovers, added stitch or what ever you have on hand. If you can find the exact size of notebook I use, then be flexible and find something else!

The notebooks I buy are from Opus Art Supplies - at a very reasonable $$: https://store.opusartsupplies.com/sagro/storefront/store.php?mode=showproductdetail&product=80709

Cut a piece of fusible web the exact height of the book - in my case it's 8", then open the book and measure the width of the front and back plus 1" for overlap inside - you'll see later why! I prefer Steam a Sean 2 Lite, but you can use any that you prefer.

Then start going through your stash, this is a good time to use up small experiments, bits of different weights or types of fabrics, projects that didn't get finished or were "less than successful". Use one fabric, or lots. Audition the possibilities and start making "slabs", sewn together elements - make sure they're larger all around than the piece of fusible web.

Fuse the web onto the back of your "slab" and trim all around - I leave just a little smidge - maybe 1/8" at each end of the "slab" so the fusible doenst peek through onto the paper. of the book.

Peel off the paper backing and position in place on the book cover - fold over the excess onto the inside book cover and press down - that's another reason I like the Steam a Seam - it's a little sticky....

A light pressing with the iron on both sides - use parchment paper if you're concerned about paint transfer....and it's done.

A couple notes about my process - I sell and give away a lot of these so I make 2-3 dozen slabs in one go and build a bit of an assembly line - they are great gifts - everyone needs a notebook!
When constructing the "slabs" I avoid having a seam on the book spine, makes it tricky to have it adhere properly.
Easy and fun - maybe you can gather some friends and teach them how to make these?