Thursday, September 10, 2015

Remember the Self Critique?

Maybe you remember the work I had done at the beginning of the summer and had asked for comments as I was workting through the beginning od a new series? Well, actually its the first of what I might consider a sereies. It gave me an excellent tryout for some ideas that I had been mulling over and now I'd ready to show you some results.
The first work I showed you got cut in half

and became this:

                                                                   Cosa 12" x 12"

But the remaining half of the piece didn't make it! Not that it wasnt any good, but I used a hand dyed piece of fabric that ran, and ran when I rinsed out the blue marker. And I got this: 

Darn, darn and double darn! It won't even make a nice potholder!

But the other piece:
Gave me this:

                                                                   Vesuna 12" x 12"

And the fabric in the remaining half ran as well. The fabric is now in the garbage!
Having made a couple more pieces, I mounted them on canvas board and and very happy with the results. Despite some misgivings, they are both in the portrait format:

                                                                     Appia 12" x 24"

                                                                       Ostia 12" x 24"

So what did I learn:
  • I prefer working with a more limited palette
  • I may need to work on keeping my lines straighter (?)
  • The quilting design is simple yet effective, I can't do curves well
  • These pieces led me to develop a larger piece that I have entered into a show
  • I love, love, love doing mark making on the fabrics I use!
Finally, the series isn't finished yet!