Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Good Grief....Where has the time gone!

I knew I'd been busy and hadn't had a chance to post recently, but when I checked the date of my last post....June 9th, I knew I had really messed up!
So I got to thinking about this blog and what I am writing it for? Why do I take the time to post my words and pictures here to share? And most importantly, why do you take the time to read and respond?
Well, I don't have any definite reasons but part of it is to share my life as an artist.....we work mostly in isolation, people sometimes come to my studio for workshops or meetings and my assistant comes in one morning a week. But most of the days, I'm by myself and it can get a bit lonely...
So I write on the blog and share to hear from others, invite feedback and generally invite you into my studio. (I've been thinking of a virtual studio tour on Youtube, but honestly, its a bit of a mess right now)
A couple days ago, I posted this image on Facebook:

and got a couple comments about how I use my time and accomplish a lot in my day. And I began thinking that others might be interested as well. It's not complicated....I mess up with my planning....I'm not perfect, but I keep trying!

First, I set goals, not too many all at once-maybe 3-4, and I work on them every day! So the image is a show I want to enter and the due date for the image. I also put the amount of time I need to spend on it every day til its finished.
Also, I have a spreadsheet of the show I want to enter, which quilts and deadlines. I keep updating it as time goes by.

Second, I keep a planner beside me. I use it for almost everything in my life. I wish I could go digital but I like the feeling of paper and pencil. Right now, with five adults in the house and a 3 1/2 year old, we also have a calendar on the fridge with all our schedules on it - all five of us work at different times of the day (and night). As for the planner, I'm fussy about what I use, I've tried just about every kind, right now it's The Passionate Planner and its good, just a little bulky for the size I use.
Third, I've signed up for some online workshops and info sessions of time keeping and planning, not all the information is relevant to my life but I can "cherry pick" the good stuff and make it work for me.
Finally, I've learned to loosen up a bit, this summer is very special, with lots of family coming and going. I'm not sure how often it'll happen in the future so I'm taking full advantage of it, with lots of walk, picnics and planting seeds of every kind with a special little girl.
One more thing (though I'm a bit lax this summer) is to do a once-a-week "brain dump" into my planner and notebook. I put down all the things I want to work on, tasks and priorities....everything!
And get it out of my head and onto the paper. But I don't do this on a Monday, when we tend to be in planning mode for the week, mid-week works best for me.
So what are your ideas and how do you plan for and reach your goals?