Monday, May 31, 2010

Rose Nouveau

I have a project in the upcoming July/August issue of McCalls' Quilting magazine and the editor just sent a picture for my publicity. The quilt features my Give and Take Applique technique, a great play on using positive and negative designs. the fabric is from the Essentails III line from
The quilt was long armed by Arlene MacKenzie from she did a wonderful job!
The design for the quilt is available for download at:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dover Sampler

Every Friday I get a special treat in my Inbox from Mary Davis. Now I've never met Mary and probably never will but I find her emails to be exciting and "illustrative"! I've joined the Dover Sampler list and every week there are exciting images to download and use however I please. You will probalby know that images from Dover Publications can be used in your artwork almost without restriction. Dover Publications sends these promotional emails as a way of promoting their books and often give very good deals on their books. Check them out at:
I use the images for inspiration for my stamping, printing and drawing for both fiber and artwork. Here are some of the images that I have recieved:

If you would like to join the list, send an email to: and check out the recent offerings at:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wonderfil Threads

While I was at Quilt Market last weekend I had the priviledge to meet the WonderFil Threads ladies in their booth. I have been using their threads for a few years and love the wide selection of colours and types. I found a couple of new ones at Market and am just itching to try them out on some new projects.

In the top left corner you can see the quilt that won the WonderFil Award at Quilt Canada last month. I was honoured to judge that show and the quilt "Threads in Her Hands" by Ann Horton ws an absolute stunning work of art.
You can check out the quilts and their award categories at:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quilt Market Report

I returned on Monday from Minneapolis, very tired but happy with a highly successful Quilt Market experience! Quilt market is the largest rade show in the world for the entire quilting business. It showcases everything that quilters need from fabric, to ntions, batting, thread, patterns, books and much much more!
Daphne (my business partner) and I went to promote our patterns that feature Give and Take Applique designs.
Here are some pictures of our booth and check out the patterns at

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shattered Angles Class

Have you ever tried on-line learning? I teach at where many very talented teachers from around the world offer over 120 different classes! That's a "lot of learning"!

Registration is open for my Shattered Angles class that begins on May 29th, its a chance to learn in the comfort of your home, even in your pyjamas!
The class will run for four weeks and is made up of three lessons. The project is a variation of a "stack, slash, shuffle and sew" method that I developed. Its a great way to use fat quarters, some of your stash of scraps or even a collection of themed fabrics. Perfect for hand dyed or painted fabrics as well.
I hope you'll consider joining me and having a lot of fun. Here are some pictures to tempt you:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Looking for a Quilt Teacher?

I'd like to tell you about a fabulous resource for your guild, group or shop. Check out the website where teachers across North America are listed by region and name with a bit about their areas of expertise and contact information.
It was started by Ami Simms who saw a need for a central resource for teachers, guild, shops and more. Please check it out and you might be surprised at what you will find.....including me!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Image Transfer

I'm teaching my Photo Illusions class at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium, June 3-6. In the class we'll spend a little bit of time trying some image transfer techniques.

I just finished this little hanging using gel transfer onto silk noile. I had indigo-dyed some linen for the outer border and also fused on a piece of batik as the inner border. Then I hand quilted the piece with some dyed perle cotton. It was a great take along project , simple but effective. Just rmember its impossible to hand stitch through the gel transfers!
To make image transfers such as this you will need:
  • a photo copied image -not inkjet. 
  • soft gel medium - I prefer the matte finish
  • a brayer - any size
  • fabric
  • brush
Apply gel to copy, covering image. It may take a little practice to get the right amount, make certain the surface is covered but not goopey. Doe the same of the fabric. Cover the same size area as the image.

Place gel covered copy face down onto the fabric.

Sandwich in between layers of wax paper to protect your table surface and brayer.

Brayer over all the area in one direction. Flip over and do this again. Let dry for 24 hours. Do not iron.

To remove the paper: soak in a tub of medium hot water. Starting from the centre, gently rub the paper off in a circular motion using your finger tips. Blot dry with a towel. Repeat if necessary to remove all paper fibres.

Make several at one time and you are ready to use them when the mood strikes.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Work-advice please??

I've completed this piece (measuring about 20" x 22") using deconstructed screen printing, machine piecing and hand quilting.
I'm pleased with the over all design, thrilled with the way the fabric came out from the printing, and I like the piecing of the narrow insertion strips.
But I'm not sure I like the edges of the quilt. While the general uneven-ness of the edges appeals to me I'm not sure about the top and bottom right hand corners. They seem to drop a bit too much and I feel that "the drop"  serves no specific purpose.
I would appreciate some feedback, please...............

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Quilt Canada....

My second class was Screen Printing for Quilters, the organizers of the workshop did a wonderful job of taping painters canvas over all the carpets and good plastic sheeting on the tables. So we were neat and tidy through the entire class, not an easy feat!
On the first day we used screenprinting inks and wooden screens in the morning. Students had been asked to bring their own designs cut into paper stencils. This worked well. In the afternoon they were introduced to thermofax screens and had a wonderful time exploring what the screen could do. I learned how much drier it is in Calgary, even during snowy weather....we had a challenging time getting the screens cleaned before the paint dried!
On the second day the students used thickened dyes, much easier than the paints! They went to town trying new ideas, overlaying designs from the previous day and being creative.

Even the print cloths were beautiful! Seventeen students in a large bright room is my idea of a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who made it such a success, especially my assistant Eleanor!
That evening we finished up at a special western-style banquest that included a "quick draw" team in a shootout (with blanks)! And the dessert was divine!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One Word Wednesday

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quilt Canada and more.....

I returned on Sunday from 7 days of fantastic experiences in Calgary....well, it snowed too!
I was honoured to judge the National Juried Show, 92 entries from across Canada, Japan and the United States. My fellow judges Lily Lam and Bonny Voice were a pleasure to work with, I felt we made a great team with extensive experience in wearable art, contemporary and traditional quilting. I hope we'll be meeting up again soon.
Some of the categories were challenging to judge, the entries were of high quality with excellent designs and outstanding workmanship. Other categories had fewer quilts, quilters aren't making (or entering) as many large and bed quilts and the traditional areas weren't as well represented. If I was going after prize money and ribbons, those areas would be where I put my efforts!
The top prize money this year was a $10,000 award from Wonderfil Threads, the largest prize, I believe, for any quilt in a Canadian show. I was looking for pictures at the site but perhaps next week.
I taught two workshops after judging. both were 2 days long so it was an opportunity to explore and work more intensivly on the topics.
First was Tasters Choice...a "buffet" of techniques such as Paintsticks, image transfer, foiling and Angelina, stamping and more. Students get to try different products and we spend time discussing which technique works best for the effects they want and where in the design and construction of a quilt they would use such techniques.
More class pictures to come!