Monday, December 21, 2015

Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice

Well, I've been dyeing up a storm recently, but playing with ice and powdered dyes. It's been a blast and I'd love to tell you about some opportunities for you to learn more about the technique and all the exciting possibilities it has to offer!
If you aren't living around Victoria, then you can learn about ice (and snow) dyeing in my online workshop "Ice Dyeing Revealed" that starts on January 7th. We'll be covering all the equipment and supplies that you need, plus the basic techniques for creating luscious fabrics like this:

Then I'll demonstrate different folding techniques to achieve some more wonderful patterns, similar to Shibori. All the while you can play with colours that you never dreamed off, as the ice melts and the dye drains through the fabrics, you'll be instantly hooked on this. In the video you can see dozens of wonderful fabrics that I've made and learn how you can as well! There will also be a private Facebook group to showcase your fabrics and meet other students.
Won't you join me? I already have students from the US, Canada and Australia registered, come and meet some other keen colourists!
Register here:

If you live near Victoria, then there's a couple of opportunities for you to learn about Ice Dyeing in my Studio Workshops!
On January 11th I have a Studio and Scarf Open House that you can register for here:
You'll see samples of all my new workshops and then learn to "ice dye" a silk scarf. After the Open House, I'll wash, dye and deliver your scarf to you. If you register for any of my workshops at the Open House you can have a 10% discount or 20% if you register for 3 or more workshops!
Here's some work from other students:

If you'd like to get into the nitty-gritty of "ice dyeing", then I have a couple of 3 hour workshops of my "Ice Dyeing Revealed" planned for Feb. 2nd or April 7th. You'll be able to learn exactly what others are learning in the online workshops.
I hope one of these opportunities appeals to you! Don't wait long though, they are filling fast!