Thursday, February 25, 2021

One Good Thing Leads to Another!

 Isn't it fascinating how one art piece or part of one can lead down an interesting path in an entirely different and unexpected direction?

I've been working on a series titled The Industrial Shoreline, depicting scenes where shipping and other commercial interests meet the waters of our coastlines where mammals and sealife exist. The challenges of our urban environment are crossed against the industry of international shipping and the very really possibility of catastrophic accidents against our environment....

Along the Fraser

One constant feature of my artwork has been using marked fabrics over laid with paint for the sky. Often I will ask others to use markers and black paint to add their unique marks on the surface and then tone down the contrast with my own marks, this makes for a unique and vibrant background for the rest of the surface.

I usually cut these pieces into squares and rectangles and then sew them together to create a collage with incredible depth and texture. While I was constructing one of the "skies" I noticed the interesting marks and contrast of the back and thought they resembled shoreline, water and sky in themselves. 

A couple months ago I had assembled enough that I could look at them and figured out how to paint some watercolour paper, mounted the small squares on the paper and added stitch to create small land and seascapes. These pieces were a perfect addition to the 10 x 10 Show at the Ptarmigan Arts Gallery at Hope Bay, on now until March 7th. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of them!

Now I will also check the back of my painted and marked fabrics!

Spring at Brooks Point

Morning at Hope Bay

Through the Fog


I love the stitching part, so here's a closeup!