Saturday, October 23, 2021

Rounding Up a Few ....

 October has been a busy month for me....I started with my first Studio Tour/Fall Crawl on Pender Island! In other years we were traveling (southern Spain in 2019) or last year....well, you know what happened there!

I loved all the visitors to my studio - new name - Salish Sea Textile Art - with a nice sign for the window but hard to get a close up!

And you know what happens for a Studio Tour - major clean up - making it all nice and pretty - actually I stored a bunch of stuff in the office next door (sheepish grin)! but I got some great STAS hanging systems set up - they look so good and available through Home Depot:

I call these the "glamour" shots! I tried doing a short video tour but it was quite shaky, so I'll practise on that!

After the tour was done, we actually got on an airplane and visited family in Quebec - we loved the fall colours...eastern Canada does them far better than the west coast!

Now the studio is back to its messy/normal! I have ice dyes batching, I've started quilting this piece on the table and have a huge order for my Art to Carry Textile Totes...I love my life and I'm so happy that you're part of it!