Saturday, July 31, 2010

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Graduation Exhibition

I'm home now and catching up on studio and quilt work, plus a bit of sleep. The Exhibition was a great success, lots of people visiting including family and friends. We began on Tuesday, the 13th ,to prepare our displays, finish all the little bits of painting and preparation....actually that took 4 days! I learned so much about how to display my work, how important it is to view work from a distance and what looks best when placed side by side.....
The Exhibition opened on Saturday and was part of the Whidbey Island Studio Tour, so we had people interested in all different art forms.
Here's my work space while I was finishing some bits and pieces, along with the very bare wall:

then, magically its transformed into a gallery!

My main design theme was paisley and I arranged some pages of my sketchbook to show different design ideas I had using stamped images. Here it is as a rough mock-up, feet included!

And here is the final piece on the wall.

I created a collage piece using lots of texture with acrylic gels, paper and stamps. I loved doing this type of work and found it was a meditative process of going back into the work again and again, building up layers and layers of colour.....

Another exercise in texture with four small pieces, again mediums, and layers and layers of colour....

I teach Shiva sticks a lot in my classes and use them extensively on fabric. Here is an exercise about blending colours on paper and working texture into the colour. I'm preferring the matte colours on paper now, rather than the iridescent. Did you know that there are recommended papers to use with Shiva?

This little piece is all about texture, paper rolls adhered onto the background and then lots of paint and mediums, so much fun! The light spot in the centre is a camera issue...

so that's a quick little tour of some of the work. Tomorrow I'll post some more.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Art and Design Exhibition

Please consider joining me at my graduation exhibition on July 17th and 18th in Oak Harbour, WA. for further information you can email me at
I'll be posting picutres of some of my work over the next few days but there's nothing like seeing it in person!