Monday, June 27, 2016

Thinking It Through - Line

I just returned from two weeks holiday spent exploring the northwestern part of British Columbia - this is our year staying closer to home..... when traveling I've been know to take different kinds of holiday snaps. Texture, line, shape are the elements that interest me, mountains and water falls are nice, too.....My DH has even suggested that I might consider having people in the photos....why, I asked?

We visited the North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site and thoroughly enjoyed learning about some early BC history, the impact that the fisheries had on the economy and the diversity of people who worked at such places. I snapped away with my IPhone (they take good photos!) and have come home to edit and play around to see what I could do with the images.....messing about in PhotoShop!

So think about canned salmon and the process:

these are the lids used on cans when they were soldered with lead to seal them.....

using a colour filter

rotating the image - those lines are wonderful

repeating the image in an irregular grid

cropping the image and turning into indigo with another colour filter

repeating the image several times

cropping the image and rotating it again. Does this say Shibori?

Now you might ask, why do this? As you know I work with fabric but this kind of work/play in PhotoShop gives me more ideas to explore the next time I want to work in an indigo vat, cut fabric, plan a new Thermofax screen or design in my sketchbook. The editing didn't take long, if something doesn't appeal to me then there is always the "undo" button and its another way of working and seeing.
Are you developing designs this way? Tell us about it.....