Monday, February 29, 2016

Surprise! - It's Been a Busy Month

There are days when I look back and think...what on earth have I accomplished today? It seems as though the day gets chopped up into tiny pieces and nothing much got finished. Do you have times like that? When I've sat for hours at the computer and never got to my sewing machine, even though I had promised myself that I would!

But if I look at the bigger picture, for the past month, actually quite a lot has been done!
  • I finished up [Insert Here] my first solo show
  • I submitted two pieces to the Coast Collective "Spring Showcase" and was accepted, those are hanging until March 6th, if you get a chance to stop by
  • I'm sending in an application for a Personal Development Grant
  • I'm teaching an online workshop right now
  • I'm in the midst of "Shifting into Neutral" a new studio workshop

  • I sent out two newsletters during February
  • I've got the courses selected for a new teaching opportunity at the Vancouver Island School of Art - more about that later
  • I taught and lectured to a great guild in Bellingham

  • I've been doing more ice dyeing
  • I've submitted a new article to Quilting Arts magazine
  • I've been hanging out with my grandsons - we've been planning a fairy garden
  • I taught one grandson to use Pinterest - that might come back to bite me!
  • I have a wonderful reunion with the "old" staff and teachers that used to work with me at Satin Moon Quilt Shop!
  • I've Skyped twice with my Accountability Partner
  • I've set up and new Budget and Expenses system - with some help from the invaluable Val!
  • I've been using Instagram a lot more this month
  • And the best part of the month was getting the first copies of my new DVD - Fabric Embellishments with Colour, Surface Design and More! 
 So really, why do I think I didn't get much done? Why not try listing everything you've done this month? I think you might surprise yourself!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Art Every Day!

Are you like me and have far better intnetions than actually happen? Do you want to get into a regular habit of sketching, drawing, creating? When I go into my studio, I want to make something, but often I gravititate towards my computer.....and then time passes and the art doesnt get done!

Well, I thought i might share my frustrations with others and see what happens! So I started a Facebook Group titled Art Every Day! Its been great to see others share their art and be enthusiastic about what we are creating...

OK, so I'm still at the computer, not making art but at least I'm learning about art, right???

So I also checked out a couple of websites about Art Every Day and found this one:

Daily Art Fixx began in April 2009 as a way to share art – for education and inspiration. Since then DAF has grown beyond expectations to include artist profiles (both historical and current), most visual art genres, and themes such as Women in the Arts, Art-e-Facts, E-Learning, videos, and more.

Plus the site is by two Canadian women! Cool! They have featured artists, a bit of history, lots of great visuals and a wide variety of mediums shown. There's not much fibre, so will have to work on that! I've signed up for their newsletter, lets see what happens!

In the meantime, why not trot on by to the Art Every Day Facebook Group and see what's happening? Check it out here:

Here's one of my latest Ice Dyed fabrics, because every post has to have a picture, right? Now I'm off to my sewing machine.