Monday, January 20, 2014

Screen Print with Success!

Screen Print with Success is open for registration! Join in this fun class and learn several ways to create image, texture and colour on fabric. These techniques show that screen printing is not difficult or expensive.Students will learn to make simple, basic screens that will meet all their needs and the appropriate paints and tools to use.

We will begin with freezer paper stencils and other masks, then move on to using soy wax on the screens with thickened dyes. Fabric dyes provide wonderful transparency, allowing you to build layers of colours without changing the hand of the fabric. Other screen printing techniques will be demonstrated including Thermofax screens, using gel mediums for foil and special effects.

Time will be spent on showing how the printed fabrics can be used in quilts, clothing and mixed media. Workshop fee will include one small Thermofax screen of student’s choice, mailed at the beginning of the workshop.

Does this sound like a fit for you? Well, hurry on over to: and sign up, registration is limited so don't delay! We'll see you in class!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Under Your Feet!

Do you spend a bit of time looking down at what you are walking on? Sidewalks, carpets and grating all have some awesome designs to inspire us....
Check these photos out that I took in my travels:

What have you seen under your feet?

Enjoy, Susan!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Learn all about Soy Wax!

Curious about how Soy Wax works, all the possible ways to apply and use Soy Wax? Looking to expand the techniques you already know?
Then join me for an exciting two days of dyeing, printing, painting and more as we make beautiful cloth!

Set aside March 12-13th for a colourful blast of fun! Students design their own unique one-of-a-kind fabrics using simple tools, dyes and soy wax…no messy clean-up, just wash this wax away!

Students will be using colour and pattern in new ways with sponging, stamping, drizzling and dabbing. You're sure to have so much fun making dynamic and exciting fabrics for all to admire.

Simple techniques and perfect for the beginner designer!

The workshop will be held in Duncan, BC in a beautiful 1200 sq ft. studio, located in a country setting. Join me and many others while we create and inspire each other!

You can get further details here: or email me:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Soy Wax Shibori!

In the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine, I have an article that shows how I work with soy wax, dyes and a Shibori technique to create wonderful texture and design on my fabrics.

Pick up a copy and learn how OTC create your own fabrics. My students at Quilting at the Lake used wine bottles and wax for their own designs.

Pick up a copy of Quilting Arts and learn how it's done!

Enjoy, Susan!

Friday, January 3, 2014

More Good, Better, Best.....3 Easy Steps to Fabulous Fabric

Here's another post about Good, Better, Best and it ties in beautifully with our ongoing Printed Fabric Bee! I hope you've been checking the progress in our Facebook Page:

This month Julie chose blue spirals in an 8" x 18" format. And I admit that I did start with a fabric that I had soy wax resisted and dyed. But I remember that I wasn't terribly pleased with the results and it had been tossed into the proverbial pile for some reason. But, you know sometimes things just need a second look and I hauled it out and fell in love again!

So, I admit that I sort of took the easy way out and screen printed some blue spirals on it:
Well, not quite there, is it? so I screen printed more blue spirals:
Now, I'm in love!
And I have a couple confessions...... I didn't have enough of this fabric to include it as the 6" x 6" sorry!
Plus, I think I had a head start because I started with a resist and dyed fabric.....sorry again!
But I think if you check out the other fabrics below, I have very unique spirals????? (they're the top middle one)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Printed Fabric Bee

Sorry that I'm a day late in posting the latest information about our Printed Fabric Bee, I hope you've been having fun seeing all the great fabric designs that the "workers" have been making?
It's Julie's turn for the "giveaway" so you'll need to pop over to her blog and leave a comment. Julie will choose a winner for the 6" squares and they could be yours!
Visit her blog at:

Here's a picture of the squares:
Tomorrow, I'll show you how I made my fabric!