Monday, July 28, 2008

My Little Box of Secrets

Fabric Collage Made Fun!
Stiff interfacing is a great product for making a variety of three-dimensional vessels and boxes. It keeps its shape, and can be stitched through. Use paper or photos instead of fabrics, add all sorts of embellishments such as buttons and beads and be creative!

Supplies Needed:

12” x 18” fusible stiff interfacing (Fast2Fuse is a good brand)
fabric scraps to equal a fat quarter
fat quarter for backing
variety of decorative threads-rayon, polyester, variegated, metallic
bobbin thread to match
appliqué pressing sheet or parchment paper
large button and wool bead for handle

1. Cut the scraps into small (2”-3”) pieces and layer on top of the fusible interfacing. Overlap pieces of fabric so the entire surface is covered.
2. Cover your ironing surface with the appliqué pressing sheet or parchment paper to keep the fusible web from adhering to the ironing board.
3. Place layered fusible on top of the sheet and cover with another sheet to keep any fusible from creeping to the top and sticking to your iron.

4. Iron well using a dry iron to fuse all layers together.
Stitch randomly across the surface of the fabric collage. Use a variety of threads. This is a good time try out all the different stitches on your sewing machine, try different widths and lengths. Stitches should be no more than ¾” apart.

5. Fuse the backing fabric on the reverse side of your stitched collage.
6. Cut the collage into the following pieces: four 4” x 6” rectangles for the sides, one 4” x 4” square for the base, one 4 1/4” square and four 4 1/4” x 1 1/4” rectangles for the lid.
7. Set your sewing machine to a medium width zigzag stitch and use the same colour thread in the top and bobbin.
8. Stitch all around each piece of collage twice.
9. Layout the top and bottom pieces as shown in the pictures and using a wider zigzag stitch join the pieces for the lid and for the box separately.

10. Using doubled thread to match and a sharp needle, whipstitch the edges of the box and lid together. This is must be done by hand.

11. Centre the button and bead on the top of the lid and stitch through all layers to secure.

12. Tuck some special little secrets or surprises into the box.

Note: You can vary the sizes of the boxes and lid to what ever interests you. Make certain that the lid is always ¼” larger than the box so it fits on securely.
Please send me pictures of your “little boxes” and I’ll post them on my blog!

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Ulla said...

Wow so wonderful and alovely scret inside or..??????
Thanks for the idea.
Ulla in the north of Sweden