Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Easy, Peasy Screenprinting!

This screen printing is about the easiest that you can get! I found the product online at and thought it might be worth a try for the price (less than $10.00).
When the package arrived I put it away with the intention of trying it later. I hauled it out yesterday to see what it could it and was pleasantly surprised. Its not high tech, falls apart after 10-12 uses, but its simple, simple to use.

I began by drawing a line sketch on the plastic sheet (words etc. should be reversed) that then transfers the blue ink onto a paper (keep the paper for later reference or collage). My pen line opened the screen (removed the blue ink) and the screen was ready to use. I used a a textile paint and a little scraper to pull the paint across the screen, though the instructions suggest a foam brush.

Remove the screen and replace in another section of fabric and repeat as desired.

The image came through quite clearly and I made enough repeats before the paper fell apart.

I would definitely use this product again when I want quick results and don't really want to preserve the image for later screening.

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