Friday, January 30, 2009

New Work

I've just put the binding on a little project that was asking to be finished. Do you ever have your work talk to you? This one was very patient and polite! I think if we listen more to our work it would flow more smoothly and be less frustrating! And conversations could be quite interesting.
Now I'm not sure where to put the sleeve...should it be a landscape or portrait orientation. I'd love some feedback.


Sandy said...

I think the wavy lines lend themselves to the landscape view. It is rather calming. Sort of like a river, but with thoughts of hills and dales.

The portrait view works, but with more tension in the piece.

Thanks for sharing your stamping ideas.
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

I like the landscape view as well - but flipped 180 - to me it then looks like mountain view with a water reflection in the bottom half - or perhaps I need a cup of tea -

I just found your blog and website and I love it. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan in Maple Bay - definitely landscape but turned up the other way. Beautiful piece off work no matter which way you decide to hang it.


Ann said...

I like the portrait view. I see bodies in motion. Great either way and you could always put on 2 sleeves and move it around as you like. Ann

Maggi said...

I personally prefer the portrait view,. I think it is something about the way the lines of beading and stitching seem to have a water-like flow. In the end it will probably speak to you again about which way up it wants to be.

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I see seaweed in the portrait view, which is very calming as the currents move the seaweed back and forth... nice form and great patterns!

Unknown said...

I'm weighing on landscape. That tips it for now. :o)

Judy Alexander said...

I like the portrait view. To me it is much more interesting.

susan said...

Hello Susan
I think you should put a small sleeve on both sides so that it can be used either way once you sell it. I love the landscape but I understand what the other readers are saying about the portrait view. Have you tried Ami Simms way of adding a sleeve? Its a very clever way that really isn't a sleeve at all!

Love your art work.