Sunday, September 26, 2010

Books on Sunday

I collect books a bit like I collect fabric....I admit to being a bit of a book junkie, not as much as some friends but my library is growing at a rather disturbing rate! So I thought I'd introduce you to some of my collection.
I'd like to tell you a bit about the book, where you can find it and whether I'd recommend it to my friends and perhaps this can turn into a regular series of posts.
So, the first book has sat beside my bed for a couple of weeks and I read a few of pages every night.

Contrasting Elements by Jae Maries
ISBN: 978-0-9555371-6-5

The back blurb says:
Well respected textile artist Jae Maries shows how to bring dynamism into your textile work with the use of contrast: contract in colour, contrast in materials and contrast in imagery.

The techniques explored are very simple and are described through step-by-step instructions which can become the basis for work in greater depth. Paper techniques translate to fabric and stitch and the book's concentration on contrast will electrify your work.
Discover contrasts, by painting, cutting, knotting, knitting, weaving, wrapping and stitching.

What I like about this book:
  • Like many books published in the UK, the photos are fabulous, lush and dynamic.
    The book layout is very good, its an easy book to leaf through with a cup of coffee.
  • The content is laid out as a series of lessons or exercises with Extension Exercises and Exploring Your Work with good explanation of design elements.
You might have issues with this book if you were expecting to work just on fabric, many of the exercises are with paper, bits and pieces and stuff.
You can find the book at Amazon, but its out of stock, try

Definitely read Jae's article in the Embroiderers Guild website:

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