Sunday, June 12, 2011

Books on Sunday

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter
by Carolyn Woods

I bought this book because I'm in the midst of planning a major redesign of my studio, so I need all the help I can get! Besides I'm a sucker for nice looking books and this one fits the bill.
I've enjoyed reading through the ideas and plans for keeping it all tidy, I even actually use a few of them, like the stacking wire baskets. And there are other ideas that I know I'll want to implement when the major redesign is completed, so I'd recommend this book to any one looking for help!

Here's what the blurb says about the book:
A daily serving of tidy makes all the difference

• Practical guide shows you how to organize and maintain your quilting space, no matter what size
• Learn handy ways to sort and arrange all of your fabrics and supplies into easy-to-use stations
• Actual organizing solutions from quilters' studios, including Alex Anderson and Diana McClun

Create a calm and happy place for all your beloved fabrics, books, notions, tools, and even UFOs. From small closets to large studios, you'll see real examples of what makes an efficient, functional, and inviting quilting space. You'll identify what's causing the clutter, learn how to turn it into a more creative zone, and find more time to do what you love-quilt!

You can also download it as an e-book at:
ISBN 978-1-60705-209-8

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