Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Studio Renovations - Life Goes On!

I should have titled this post "Life Happens", last week I had to take a three day trip to Vancouver and the renovation slowed down, a lot. Now its ground to a complete halt.
The wall is completely down and has been insulated and dry walled, just waiting for the mudding and taping.....the guy said he'd be here on Monday, its now Wednesday. But "for sure" he'll be here on Friday, hhhmmmm?
The old carpeting came up and I went to Rona and picked out a mid range laminate for the floor. I really did want cork but it would have been well over $2500, too much for my budget.
But "life happens" again and we discovered that the concrete floor was too uneven to install the laminate overtop. So..... Sean, my son-in-law, who is doing an awesome jobe, is getting ready to install an entire plywood floor over the the concrete. But that has to wait for the mudding and taping...... did I mention that I wanted this all done in 16 days? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!
Today, my beloved husband is doing the final sanding of the ceiling, after he removed the "popcorn" stuff from the 70's, yech! Don't ever put that stuff up!!!
Now we're off to Benjamin Moore with out $5.00 coupons for paint colours....but no painting til next week, I guess!

The old panelling is down and ready for insulation and drywall.

My sewing room is now the dinning room table!

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Ann said...

At least progress is being made Susan. Doesn't everyone sew on the Dining room table?