Monday, September 10, 2012

Quilting and Procrastination....

Do you ever practise the subtle art of putting tasks off, over and over again? I've been reading a lot lately on time-managment, project planning and goal setting. Those who know me personally would proably say I get a lot accomplished, and that's true. But there's a lot a I don't get done when I should. I fall victim to trying to multi-task and take on too many projects at once.

I've read a few bits in the media about how multi-tasking really doesn't work very well, that attempring to do many tasks at the same time leads to frustration and poor results. Perhaps science has figured out that the maturing brain (mine, any way) really likes to take on one thing at a time and see it through to completion. I admit I love making lists, particularly when I'm travelling or away from home. I love seeing all the tasks that need to be done, written down in my planner. Maybe if it's written down, then I can feel it's half done!
Anyway, I 've been putting off a half-done task for about 6 months and last night at 9:38pm PDT, I emailed it off!  So, finally, finally I'm finished writing my latest class. It will be on my Give and Take Applique technique that has been published in books, magazines and a terrific DVD! Hurrah!
I'm going to be using this work method in the future....I wonder what it will be like to start and finish one quilts at a time??
I finished the project by setting aside 2 1/2 days when my husband was at work and focused on nothing but the class, no other projects. I turned off my email except for morning and evening and only stopped for lunch and dinner. Wow, do I feel good!
So I'm celebrating by offering 10% off anything in my store, including those terrific Give and Take Applique books, DVD's and Stencils! Just go to and type in DESIGN0911 during checkout.
I also celebrated by taking a nap this morning with my 19 month old grandson, he's very cuddly! If you would like to take the class, sign up for my Design Notes newsletter to the right of this post and I'll keep you updated when it will be offered.

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Nancy said...

I am trying to avoid procrastination of late. I make lists and it is nice to cross something off, but I tend to find more things to replace the one I crossed off. I am trying to finish the Ball Joints quilt from the class you had in Grand Rapids. Perhaps I will focus one day on finishing. The spirals quilt looks like a fun pattern. Thanks for the great classes in Grand Rapids.