Friday, January 10, 2014

Soy Wax Shibori!

In the latest issue of Quilting Arts magazine, I have an article that shows how I work with soy wax, dyes and a Shibori technique to create wonderful texture and design on my fabrics.

Pick up a copy and learn how OTC create your own fabrics. My students at Quilting at the Lake used wine bottles and wax for their own designs.

Pick up a copy of Quilting Arts and learn how it's done!

Enjoy, Susan!


Laura said...

fantastic about your quilting arts article, Susan. Can't wait until my copy eventually arrives in the mail.

Sandy said...

Congratulations on your article in QA Magazine. It is one of the best mags and you should be very proud to be in it. Looking forward to trying some soy wax shibori on some previously hand dyed fabric.
I don't subscribe to QA but do pick up issues I am interested in so hope to win this one!

Anonymous said...

This would be great for inspiration to print some more designs with soy wax. Congratulations on the article...I'll look forward to reading it.

Eleanor said...

Would love to have a copy...have soy wax available ...just need a little push to do some work.

Penny said...

Love the magazine and was thrilled to see "my teacher" have a great article published. I took a class from you at the Quilt show Grand Rapids MI

Susan Purney Mark said...

I totally got side tracked and forgot about the little contest! Dear hubby picked the winner last night, so Eleanor email me your address and I'll get a copy of the magazine to you right away!