Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Lemon Pie and Facebook Connect.....

I have a friend that I rarely see in person, she doesn't live near me, in fact we meet up once every couple years at a Fibre Art Network retreat and that's it!
But like many, many people we keep in touch through Facebook.
Now, I know that Facebook gets a lot of criticism, much of it deserved, but usually because people do not filter their posts very well. I don't play Facebook Games, I don't send pokes, presents or anything like that, but I do enjoy the connections we make, the joys and sorrows we share and the interesting things we learn (sometimes true, sometimes not)
Anyway, my friends son owns a restaurant in Montreal and she often posts pictures about the restaurant. It just so happened my daughter and I went to Montreal for an appointment last week and we stopped there for lunch, simply because it was the only place we knew and it was recommended by "his mum".

It was delicious and I do recommend it (now you have two recommendations, "his mum and me") and definitely have dessert, you won't regret it! And that's how Lemon Pie and Facebook Connect!!!!
Enjoy, Susan!

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