Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick and Easy Fabric Design Using Fresh Produce and Found Objects

Who would have thought that fabric printing could be so easy? A new book by my friend Julie Booth, Fabric Printing at Home shows us that setting up a workspace and finding supplies is simple and affordable. This book is suitable for many levels of experience and the excellent step by step instructions and clear photos will encourage even the most timid artist to try many of the printing techniques.

The book is full of terrific additional tips throughout the book, such as "One Paint Job - Two Fabrics" that shows how to make additional copies of one print, showing that the author is thoroughly knowledgeable about her subject and is eager to share with her readers.

One of my favourite chapters is "Beyond Potato Printing" an excellent chapter on printing with a wide range of vegetables. Who knew that corn on the cob could look so stunning?


 Readers will be looking at kitchen utensils, styrofoam, twist ties and rubber bands in a whole new way.....making printing plates with found objects can add interest and detail to fabric, but also items for home decor, accessories and art. While the author focuses on using fabric for her printing, many of the techniques could be used on paper and art boards, widening the range for possible applications.
In addition, I think that most of the techniques would be perfect to engage children in learning about art while seeing how simple items from the house, as well as recycling cardboard, foil and other discards, can create unique and stunning patterns.

“Excerpts used/ photos used with permission from Quarry Books”

This book is definitely a "must have" for my library.
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Thread Born said...

Fabulous review, Susan! Thanks SO much!

Laura said...

Love the printed fabric bee sunflower fabrics. I would make a new bag to take with me when I visit my son in Austria. We will do a field trip to northern Italy as well.

sunny davis said...

would love to win the fun fabrics which are so beautiful and inspirational! so glad to have found your blog today!