Thursday, December 23, 2021

Week 2 - My Studio

 Another week that was spent mostly out of the studio - but still art stuff going on...I was busy getting the Cloth to Codex Online Workshop lessons set up on my website. It was fun to revisit some of the videos and look at how I might plan each lesson. Last time they were all on a private Facebook Group and it was fairly straightforward to link to them. Now I need to add more text, still images and edit the videos a bit and set them up as "evergreen" meaning they never expire. AND, there's room for you, I would love to have you join in this creative journey.

You can sign up here:

I played around with texturing some watercolour paper with white acrylic paint, pushing some scrim into the surface and then putting a wash diluted acrylic ink over top when it was dry....not totally successful but I think the paper might be useful when its cut up for collage. Perhaps next time I'll add some gel medium into the white paint to get a firmer texture...any other suggestions?

Remember the black and white piece from last week that I was promising to cut up? Well, I did cut it into strips, played with the arrangement and put them up:

Not too bad, but then I cut a couple strips in half: 

Better, but then I cut a square from the wider strips:

It's getting a little confusing now, so let's separate them:

Now, I like them much better - more clarity and impact. I have a favourite but I'd love to hear what you think....more work to be done, I'll work with the arrangement next week.

I made one piece of shibori fabric - an interesting colour combination, probably not my favourite but useful none the less. I'm collecting a few more wine bottles move the holidays so I can get more more of a process going....

Finally, a reminder how good it is to be playful....a Zoom drawing session with my grand daughter, we each drew the same figure and had a fun chat! 

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