Sunday, March 20, 2022

Week 13 - in the Studio

I was thankful to get more time in the studio this week....I always feel that creative time lets me think life through in ways that I cannot in my home....some big thoughts, some little thoughts, some important and some not-so-much!

There was more gel printing - some landscape ideas that will need more work, or perhaps tearing them in strips for collage...hmmm. I've been watching some Youtube videos creating landscapes with gel printing - HERE 

But I did build a registration plate for printing which gives me a "fence" to lay my papers down for a more precise placement, the ones to buy are so you think the grandkids will notice some of their Lego missing?

I was asked for a photo of me, making art for the 2022 Sea & Cedar Virtual Art Exhibition through the Vancouver Island Regional Libraries. You can see some of the exhibition here:

So sitting in my studio, I gave the phone to DH and he clicked away for me...I think its time to get some new headshots!

I'm finally finishing some of the works on vintage paper that I've shown before....still haven't come up with a name for the series but very happy with them. I wonder if I am moving to the dark side - paper only? Yikes! I'm taking a couple into town this week to see about framing...

These ones don't have all the pieces fastened down yet, but I love the shapes and movement that is the indigo ink on some of them is right up my alley!

I spent a few hours in our local gallery and painted on some book pages, adding asemic text and a bit of colour - so enjoyable! I'll add a bit of collage and maybe some stitch - these are small and rather sweet!

In the midst of this, I finished a 3D group of vessels for "Food is Everything" a themed show at the Gallery. My work is three pieces titled "Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner" with paper collage, text, stenciling and button fasteners. Breakfast is yellow, with eggs as its focus, the text has every way that eggs can be prepared. Lunch is salad and is green with lots of "lettuce" words and then the large piece is Dinner with spaghetti words...

It was a fun experiment, but I am feeling its a bit too literal and not as refined as I had hoped. While I would like to explore the concept of "vessels" more fully and in far more depth, I wonder if this study is taking me further away from the focus in my art that I am striving for....I have a major solo exhibition this fall and I really need to work on more pieces for that (there is a part of the exhibition where I think vessels might play a minor role) so this experiment might (will) be shelved for the time being.

Thanks for being part of my creative journey...til next time!

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