Saturday, April 2, 2022

Week 15 - in the Studio

Ups and downs this past week! The grandsons were visiting during March Break so it wasn't too easy finding time alone....

So we did a couple art projects together and had fun learning about "spinner art" - now I need a new salad spinner! After a couple YouTube videos, it was easy to tackle.

We needed:
  • card stock cut into circles to fit the inside of the basket - white and black paper
  • inexpensive craft/acrylic paints - we didn't use my Golden paints!
  • salad spinner, I have a cheap Ikea one so didn't feel bad about using it
Put the paper inside the spinner and dribble a few colours - just a little, we used too much!
Put the cover on top, make sure it's secure.
Turn the spinner handle one way a few times and then in the opposite way.

So simple...

And so much fun! We dyed T-shirts as well but no photos!

I did get some canvas painted for sketchbooks and totes - happy, spring colours! I'll be putting them together next week - an easy but repetitive job.

I spent this afternoon learning about WaterColour Grids with Wendy Welch, online with the Vancouver Island School of Art

Nothing fabulous was created but I did learn a lot and saw some possibilities for collage and maybe cutting some of them with my Scan n Cut - particularly this one, no redeeming qualities otherwise!

I quite enjoyed this one - one colour and then lightening and darkening and using analogous colours:

Wendy mentioned other artists who used grids in their work: Paul Klee, Ralph Lemon, Agnes Martin and Gunta Stoltz - a weaver during time of the Bau Haus whose work I find particularly intriguing!

You can see more of her designs here:ölzl&sortBy=Relevance&pageSize=0

Here is a couple more I made:

And that's about it! How was your week?

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