Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And More Batik!

Actually I think this is the last of the samples from my workshop a couple of weeks ago. I finally got all the wax out on the weekend and I'm very pleased with these two pieces. The square one is linen and would be perfect cut into applique or for a small quilt. The longer piece is silk charmeuse, lovely, soft and drapey....scarf, maybe?

I layered the fabric for waxing and dyeing, the linen below the silk. Iused a foam roller that I had wrapped with string for applying the wax and used a pale blue and yellow dye. I then applied more wax and painted on royal blue to get a greater depth to the colour. Yummy and lovely.


Joan said...

Most definitely yummy and lovely!

Rayna said...

Susan - your fabrics are beautiful! I was going to ask whether the batiks were done with soy wax, but I see you took Els' workshop, so I assume not. Isn't she great? One of my favorite people...and her work is to die for.