Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fabric Marbling

Last week I also taught a class on fabric marbling using the easiest technique you can imagine! We began by spreading a 1" layer of shaving foam into the bottom of wide pans which have a slight lip around all four sides.

Students dropped Dye Na Flow fabric paint from eye droppers onto the foam and spread the colours around to create design, using hair combs, skewers and picks.

They lowered fabric down on the coloured foam and gently patted it in place. The fabric was pulled away from the foam and laid on the table, where squeegees scrapped away the excess foam and the fabric was allowed to dry.

Once the fabric went home, students were instructed to iron the fabric to heat set the paint and then gently wash to remove any remaining foam residue.

Looks like fun, right?

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Anonymous said...

Susan, this has been on my list of 'things to try' for a long time! Hopefully, I will bump it up on the list and try soon! Thanks for the inspiration!