Thursday, December 9, 2010

Caught in the Web-working with painted fusibles!

Last month I taught a class about using painted fusible web as a design element in small art pieces. My students began by painting different types of fusible web with thinned acrylic paints and laying them out to dry. When the web dries it will often crackle and buckle, creating interesting texture patterns in the web. Those patterns can be used for added texture.

 Painted fusible laid out to dry.

Small bits of the fusible torn and placed as a collage.

Combine the fusible with layers of sheer organza and thread to create a landscape.

Students use the fusible web in a variety of ways and always surprise me with ideas and designs that are exciting and new. When the fusible is used with coloured threads or fabric bits, the web can grab hold of them during the ironing stage. Then additional stitch on top will help to secure them in place.
For a tip sheet on how to make and use the painted fusible click here:

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